Monday, 8 October 2012

Solar Activity Foreshadow's Pattern, will AO tank?

Geomagnetic Activity has reached the minimum but is going towards the max in the next twelve days which argues for warmth outweighing the cold over the u.s in the next two weeks once this trough lifts out.

After this I see a cool down for the end of the month before things get very interesting in the first week of november and the NAO appears to go negative in the long range. The GFS and canadian are seeing the AO tanking around the 24th of october which may be an attempt to hint at a possible typhoon recurvature(17th-20th) and eastern u.s trough connection at this time.

 If these indicies stay negative for the start of november and solar activity is declining we may see a very interesting start to november. The strength of these trough are still uncertain but the pattern has been one of major eastern u.s trough depicting weather one month in advance. Some examples are the august cold shot that made it feel like september and the september cold shot that felt like october. Keep in mind that both of these cold shots were leading up to the solar mins.

Then theres our current cold shot and a forth that may be lurking down the road for the end of october and /or beginning of november. Things may get very interesting...

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