Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Storminess First Then Cold Overwhelms

Pattern will become more active across ontario and quebec with a la nina like pattern already setting up now and an active southeast ridge allowing the storm track to shift up towards the great lakes region. Although it is still too early to tell which particular events will hold which precipitation types the boundary between warm and cold will set up across the great lakes which will allow for storminess and potentially snow depending on how much cold air gets involved. 18z GFS notice the active storm track favoured to be further west with the blocking shifting west which should allow for more cooling to shift east. Overall, this is an active and near normal temperature pattern for the east mid month before the frigid air has a chance to come down later in the month when the pattern promotes it. A -pna has been causing the coldest anomalies to shift into the west but with the frigid air building up across the northwest all we need is a trigger for the floodgates of cold to open up in the east. This will be a slow step down to colder and not a sudden cold snap, keep that in mind! I will take snow over cold any day even if it means a few mixed precipitation events.
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