Saturday, 10 November 2012

Solar Activity/PNA connection in fall and winter months

I believe that the PNA will go positive for a while because of the geomagnetic activity pattern. In the PNA verification since september you can see major dips followed by major rises to positive territory. What i have noticed over the past few months is that when the PNA begins to recover and trend up towards positive territory we can see the geomagnetic activity moving from the max to the min which takes about 13 days. This trend is the most reliable in the winter, spring and fall months. Notice this trend between september the 1st and 13th and the response in the PNA trend. Between the 13th and 25th we saw the geomagnetic activity increasing and the PNA falling rapidly well into negative territory. The days don't match up perfectly well but it is amazing how close the trends are. We see the trend continue as the PNA trends positive between the 23rd and 6th. The solar cycle is also decreasing in this exact time period. What we can learn from this is expect the PNA to trend the most positive shortly before the geomagnetic activity is at its min and look for the PNA to trend the most negative just before the geomagnetic activity reaches the max. The PNA should trend the most negative around the 15th and then start moving towards positive between the 15th and peak around the 1st of december. Have a look at the trends for yourself and keep your eye on the red line(geomagnetic activity).

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