Thursday, 8 November 2012

Snowcover update, long range thoughts

The Snowpack across north america has been well above normal and is forecast to continue increasing rapidly over the next 8 days. This will help sustain and strengthen cold air masses as they move SE which is something that we did not see last november.

Here are the current Anomalies, notice the above normal snowfall across western canada and east asia. Below normal anomalies across labrador and northern quebec will recover very quickly which will contribute to higher above normal snowfall departures. The average is indicated by the green line and the current snow cover is highlighted in blue.
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Forecast snow depth on the 16th of november on the 12z GFS. Take note of the gains in northern quebec, ontario as well as a deeper snowpack in western canada:
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The period from the 15th of november onwards looks more favourable for accumulating snow in southern and eastern ontario. We will have to continue to monitor the pattern as the period gets a little bit closer but i am keeping an eye on two systems, one on the 17th and one on the 21st. This will cut up to the great lakes but he amount of cold air available is still very uncertain. 

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